Former Exec. Director of Eastside Community Ministry Passed Away

by Katie Jeffries on April 8, 2010 at 8:45 am

Friends of a well-known community figure are planning a memorial service in her honor.

Christine O’Sullivan Istok, 62, passed away at her home on February 24th. She was the Executive Director of the Eastside Community Ministry from 1992 to March of 2001.

"Christine was just a wonderful person, she was one of those people that would drop into everybody’s life and you just immediately became a friend with her. She was a very caring, she had a great sense of humor, a wonderful laugh and she just got along with all sectors of the population," says Marcy White, who was on the board of directors for the Eastside Community Ministry.

When she became the Executive Director of the Eastside Community Ministries, the food pantry, clothing bank and youth program were all located in different buildings. But she made sure that changed.

"One of the things Christine was able to do was to bring the community together to fund and build the Eastside Community Ministry building that is now at the corner of Marietta and Stillwell Street," says White.

She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and moved to live in South Bend, Indiana with her husband, George. Friends will be holding a memorial service for Christine O’Sullivan Istok, April 13th at 6 p.m. at the Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Zanesville. Family is requesting that any memorial contributions be made to the Eastside Community Ministry.