Genesis Brings in Surgeon to Create Trauma Department

by Katie Jeffries on April 1, 2010 at 9:54 am

With the addition of a new surgeon, the Genesis Healthcare System’s dream of having a trauma program will soon be a reality.

Doctor Stuart Chow, a trauma and critical care specialist from Grant Medical Center in Columbus is now taking the helm at Genesis to develop a trauma program.

"I was approached by Genesis to assess the needs of the trauma program here and I think it is a great opportunity to help the community and I spoke the Genesis administration and they recruited me here and I have been loving it every since," says Dr. Stuart Chow.

Chow says the Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital has the resources to take care of the injured, he is just going to re-vamp the department and work to re-educate trauma personnel. Chow says trauma is a team sport, so much of the work to become a trauma certified hospital will be with the personnel. Hospital management says it will be hiring even more personnel in the future as this program grows. One of Dr. Chow’s goals is to create a dedicated service line to serve the patient.

"It is a service line that has a direction from a physician leader as well as nursing leadership, ancillary care, policy and procedure, everything is focused on the patient," says Dr. Chow.

Dr. Chow says he likes Zanesville and plans on staying here for a long time.