Get Healthy This Weekend

by Katie Jeffries on April 2, 2010 at 6:33 am

If you’re looking to get healthy, stop by the mall this weekend.

The Community Health Fair, presented by the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department has around 40 local organizations set up in the Colony Square Mall to meet with the public and help answer any questions.

"It is important to reach out to people who would otherwise not receive these types of services, so that is why we try to get out in the mall where people are at," says Jennifer Hiestand, the public information officer.

There is also free H1N1 flu shots, live demonstrations and health screenings. All the health screenings are conducted by nurses so they can discuss the results and suggest a follow-up plan. This is also the first time the Kiser colon has made an appearance in Zanesville. The model human colon is 8 feet tall and 20 feet long.

"It is here to get people talking about colon cancer, colon rectal awareness and you can walk through it and see what a healthy colon looks like and  what a colon with disease looks like ,"says Hiestand.

The Community Health Fair will continue Saturday from 10 a.m. til 9 p.m. at the Colony Square Mall.