Glass Art at Craft and Collectible’s Show

by Katie Jeffries on April 9, 2010 at 6:51 am

Art enthusiasts in the area may want to check out a local man known for his glass art.

Chris McKee has been collecting and dealing glass art for years, but began making glass art after he bought the old moulds from the Westmoreland Glass Company.

"A lot of the moulds were sent to scrap yards or sent overseas and being produced in China and Korea and places and we wanted to keep some of the American traditions and keep things local in the states," says McKee.

While his pieces are made from the Westmoreland moulds, McKee makes much of his glass art in colors. His pieces range from $4 to $30 and he says he is getting a good response from the Craft and Collectible Show at the Colony Square Mall.

"I hear a lot of ‘oh my mother had this or I had this on my grandmother’s shelf’ so there has been a lot of recognition for the pieces," says McKee.

To see McKee’s Glass Art and other items for sale, stop by the Craft and Collectibles show this weekend at the Colony Square Mall.