Hunters Helping Hunters

by Katie Jeffries on April 10, 2010 at 5:56 am

Turkey hunters were taking aim Saturday to bring the big bird home.

The Wheeling Sportsman Program and the Y-City Longbeards Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation teamed up for their fourth annual turkey hunt. The Wheeling Sportsman Program helps hunters with disabilities be able to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

"We have got several people here today that this is their first year ever turkey hunting. One young man, he was injured six years ago and he said it has been seven years since he has been turkey hunting and he drove up from South Pointe down in Lawrence County," said Dick Sorg, the president of the Y-Bridge Longbeard Chapter NWTF.

Sorg says it is not all about getting a turkey, for many hunters they just enjoy the experience. Organizers also take several precautions to make sure everyone remains safe. A hunter is sent out with at least two guides and everyone has a cell phone in case of an emergency. The base station also keeps tabs on all the hunters and guides. Two turkeys were shot by Dave Anders and Chris Rodney.

"I was glad to be here, it is an opportunity to get a turkey and feel good about it, everybody gets to know each other like a family. So I am ready to bring home the turkey," says Rodney.

Rodney says he will definitely do it again next year. After the hunt, everyone enjoyed a hearty lunch prepared by the Boy Scouts and volunteers from Troops 164 and 183.