Increase in Brush Fires

by Emily Baird on April 5, 2010 at 6:19 am

Local fire departments are going on more runs, dealing with brush and grass fires.

Firefighters have not only been battling these blazes but the hot weather conditions too..

"We’ve just had this ongoing situation here where we really haven’t had a lot of rain in the immediate past. We got some pretty good heat, a lot of wind, and low humidity, " says Fire Chief, Dave Lacy.

The wind seems to be the worst enemy of the three.

"It can literally, depending on the miles per hour of the win, but it can literally make a fire that out-runs the firefighters, " says Lacy.

The main causes of these fires stem from people conducting illegal burns. They can also begin from power lines sparking or having someone throw a cigarette into an open area.