Is Frost Affecting Plants?

by Emily Baird on April 19, 2010 at 6:02 am

Spring’s recent record-breaking temperatures have prompted many people to plant early, but the past few nights have had these same people wondering if they jumped the gun too soon.

"Stuff that has been planted or more hearty materials, it’s not going to hurt it at all. I noticed today at all our nursing locations we had a heavy frost, but I didn’t notice any injuries, " says Timber Runs Garden Owner, Steve Carter.

Carter says people should be focusing on shrubs and trees right now and save the plants found inside the greenhouse for a few more weeks. Frost tends to affect the softer plants more, such as tomatoes, but there are some measures you can take to protect these plants.

"Plastic is not real good because it will go through the plastic pretty good. I recommend just a piece of newspaper over things like tulips, just to protect the blossom a little bit, " says Carter.

Temperatures are expected to creep close to the freezing mark again tonight.