Local Music Club Celebrates 100 Years

by Ashley Drane on April 9, 2010 at 12:21 pm

This Thursday Music Club has been playing beautiful tunes for the community for one hundred years. The Music Club is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary by hosting a special Centennial Music Concert at Secrest Auditorium. Centennial Chairman Jim McLaughlin said it’s a free event and every age group is involved.

"So we have a Junior Music Club that’s kindergarten through eighth grade. We have a Young Musicians it’s a high school age group and have an adult group." said McLaughlin

Not only are all age groups expressing there taste in music, but they are playing a variety of different instruments.

"We will have a hand-bell choir that will start us off we will have a lot of performers of the elementary level first of all and from violin to piano to voice and then some of our senior members will perform up to the age of 93." "We’ll even have some piano trios three people playing the piano at the same time," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin says more than 100 people will be participating in the concert and you’ll hear a little bit of everything. The Centennial Music Concert is Saturday April 17th at 7 at Secrest Auditorium.