Local Woman is Now Well Connected

by Katie Jeffries on April 3, 2010 at 5:36 am

A local woman now has the world at her fingertips.

A few months ago, Heather Burton completed a survey for Connect Ohio on computer usage and needs by Ohio residents. Out of 7,000 people, Connect Ohio chose twelve to receive a new computer and Heather Burton was one of them.

"Well she was just delighted, in fact she was using one of the public computers in the library when she found out. So she is very excited and we hope she will continue to visit the library, but she has the ability now to use her own computer," says Blair Tom with the Muskingum County Library System.

It is Burton’s first computer. Blair Tom says the Muskingum County Library System had more than 45,000 computer sessions last year and there is a need throughout our area and Ohio for computers. He hopes the information from the survey will help bring dollars to our area to spend on computers.

"The important thing as well is they now have data to help drive planning and dollars to expanding access to the Internet and computers," says Tom.

The Muskingum County Library System offers free computer usage and classes at all six locations.