Local Woman Singing at Reds Baseball Game

Local Woman Singing at Reds Baseball Game

by Ashley Drane on April 16, 2010

One local singer said she is getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

She auditioned and now Hayley Watson is singing the national anthem at the Cincinnati Reds baseball game Tuesday.

"It was just amazing I just started crying and was like are you serious just completely like not expecting it at all," Watson said.

Two weeks after she auditioned she got the call.

"When I answered the phone I really wasn’t quite sure who it was he was like this is Cory with the Cincinnati Reds and I was like uhh are you seriously and he asked me to do the national anthem I said definitely, definitely you know I would do it and I just started crying I was overwhelmed," Watson said.

Watson has been singing since she was 14 years old and has opened six time for Neal McCoy and various other country singers.