Man Takes Part in “Supermarket Sweeps”

by Emily Baird on April 20, 2010 at 6:51 am

One local resident is going home with $170 in groceries after a "Supermarket Sweeps."

Robert Pletcher was given 90 seconds to grab whatever he could in his shopping cart.

"This is wild. I never expected this. This is really fun. It’s going to be fun to talk about a racing spree for groceries, " says Pletcher.

Pletcher says he didn’t have a strategy, but he did end up with a cart that was mostly full of meat.

It took place at Campbell’s Market  in Duncan Falls. The store manager says she was happy to take part in the event, especially when people still seem to be hurting from the economy.

"I know it’s been tough for people to go out and get the food they splurge on. Now, they’re kind of cutting back and just getting necessities. So, it’s nice to help out somebody, " says store manager, Starr Jinkins.

Pepsi Customer Marketing Manager, Bill White, paid the bill once Pletcher checked out. It’s a day Pletcher says he won’t ever forget.

This was the third "Supermarket Sweeps" the company held in our area today.