More Than 260 Evacuated Due to Fire

by Kelly Mills on April 13, 2010 at 3:59 am

Around 230 children and more than 35 staff members were evacuated after a fire at the Genesis Children’s Center on Taylor Street in Zanesville.

Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy says a fire broke out in an electric clothing dryer in a mechanical room shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.

"We have a lot of smoke odor and there’s some areas that you know it’s very obvious that there’s some soot and stuff on the walls, but mainly we’re dealing with just a little bit of an odor problem in a couple areas," says Lacy.

No one was injured and the staff of the Children’s Center got everyone evacuated quickly.

"Everybody was out of the building, everybody was safe within two-and-a-half minutes all the kids out of the facility. We had neighbors, we had parents that came by and sat with the infants along with our staff, everybody just did an excellent job," says Sandy Post, Genesis Children’s Center Assistant Director.

Post says each parent was contacted individually and told to come pick their child up. They are working to clean-up the affected areas and the Children’s Center will be open Wednesday following its regular schedule.