Muskingum Co. Applies for Grants

by Katie Jeffries on April 1, 2010 at 9:58 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners are looking to bring around $179,000 in grants to our area.

Nine townships submitted requests for money from the Community Development Block Grants, but only five were selected.

"We try to break it out to make sure all the townships get a fair shake, but a lot of townships don’t apply for it because they don’t have the money to do it," says Commissioner John Bates.

Bates says the five townships were selected out of the nine because the projects were almost done or the township could match the monetary donation being made by the county. But Bates says the county is only applying for the grants and the amount of money the county will receive is not a definite yet.

"I mean the five projects we want to do, we will do these projects, but we have to make sure how much money we are going to get and we will probably get at least that much, hopefully a little bit more, so maybe we can do another project or add money to these five projects," says Bates.

Below are the five townships selected for the Community Development Block Grants:

Response Victim Assistance $10,563
Jefferson Township                  $19,105
Village of Philo                           $33,140
Cass Township                         $100,000
Village of South Zanesville      $16,692

The commissioners also applied for $1.5 million in recovery bonds that would be used to add a fourth floor to the Muskingum County Jail, rehab for the current incubator and to assist putting an incubator in the old Maysville Middle School.