Paying Less for Prescriptions

by Emily Baird on April 5, 2010 at 6:24 am

Nearly 70 thousand Ohioans are eligible for subsidies that would mean paying less money for prescriptions at the pharmacy.

The program, called "Extra Help," applies to those who receive prescription drug coverage through Medicare.

"It is possible, depending upon their income limit, that they can save up to $3,900 a year in prescription costs, " says Muskingum County Job and Family Services supervisor, Dana McKean.

However, not many people are taking advantage of "Extra Help," mostly because they don’t know it exists.

"I have seen advertising for it, but it’s usually in November of every year when the enrollment period opens up for the regular ongoing people. It’s not something I’ve seen a lot of advertising for year round, " says McKean.

To qualify, you need to have resources less than 12,500 dollars for a single person or 25,000 dollars for a couple. Your income also must be under 16,300 dollars for a single person or 21,800 dollars for a couple.

If you think you qualify, you can sign up by contacting 1-800-772-1213.