Prepping Cakes for Cake Auction

by Emily Baird on April 20, 2010 at 7:03 am

One local bakery is swamped, preparing 70 cakes for the Carr Center Cake Auction. The community-wide event takes place this Thursday and Friday.

There were spatulas whipping icing frantically, cake pans twirling, and lots of movement in Riesbeck’s Pick ‘N’ Save Bakery as four workers take on 70 cakes, but with about 90 years of experience, they say they’re ready to take the challenge on.

"It’s only once a year. I think we can handle it. It’s worthwhile, " says cake decorator Stacey Seward.

"They work really hard. They plan starting in January, " says store manager, Bill Loewendick.

It’s a two-day process. The baking started yesterday with about 100 sheets made at a time. They were cooled and then a icing base was added. Then comes the fun part of decorating all these cakes. Seward says the staff speaks with each business to get an idea of what they want.

"They like to do their images, their logo for the business and then maybe prints of their incentives, " says Seward.

But decorators are also allowed to add their own creative touches to each of these cakes.

"One lady last year wanted it to look like pies. I don’t think anybody at the auction knew that it was cake because I put them in a pie pan, " says Seward.

Seward says each cake takes about 20 minutes to decorate, which makes for a long night.

"Whatever it takes, we’ll get them done. That way we can get them first thing in the morning, " says Seward.

The cakes are covered before being loaded in a van that takes them to the Colony Square Mall tomorrow where they need to be checked in. The van makes about 10 trips to get all 70 orders where they need to be.

It’s a tradition Loewendick says his store loves to be a part of.

"We just think it’s a good thing for the community because there’s a lot of participation. We just try to go out of our way to make sure we delivery the cakes and get everything up to the mall. (We) take any pressure off any business just to make the process easy and smooth, " says Loewendick.

You can check out all the cake designs tomorrow night when the people’s choice award will be decided.

The cake auction will be broadcast live on AM 1240 radio and on our Website