Residents Enjoy The Day

by Katie Jeffries on April 2, 2010 at 6:52 am

With the sun out and shining this afternoon temperatures reached more than 80 degrees.

Many residents took advantage of the great weather by getting outside and having some fun.

"By picking flowers!" tells Emma Hooper as she picks flowers with her sister, Lauryn.

"Just getting out of the house, doing a little walking, just trying to get back into shape," tells Brittney and Robert Spangler.

"It is a lot of fun, especially after all the snow we had and being cooped up in the house. It is really a nice day to get out," says Jennifer Hooper as she takes a stroll with her family.

But being outside in the heat for long periods of time can be dangerous. So it is important to keep water with you and know your exercise limit.

"Well I am sweating right now, I just have to know when to stop and then take it from there and then start up again and just go, go, go," says Judith Anderson who loves to walk outside.

"Just try to take it easy with the walking and the running," tells Robert Spangler.

The Bethesda Walking Trail is open to the public during the daylight only.