Residents Vote For Favorite Cake

by Audry Kensicki on April 21, 2010 at 9:40 am

Area residents were able to get their first peek at the sweet treats up for grabs at the Carr Center Cake Auction.

Tonight’s crowd got the chance to vote for their favorite out of 415 cakes.

"They get bigger, more detailed, more elaborate," said Karen Maniaci. "There is just so much detail in them. It’s just hours and hours of work I’m sure."

"They’re really crazy," said Stacee Chesnik. "I know a lot of people spent a lot of time on them. They’re really amazing."

Cousins Stacee and Cody say they’re voting for Stacee’s mom’s cake, the Horsemasters 4-H Club.

"We were kind of the frosting tasters and the cake tasters, but we helped out a little bit," said Chesnik.

The Maniaci’s know a thing or two about how to win the People’s Choice Award. Their former store, the Fireside Shop competed in the first years of the cake auction.

"Our cakes were the original winners," said Mike Maniaci. "It kind of started up the tradition of who’s cake is best."

The people’s choice award will be given out tomorrow.

The cake auction will take place tomorrow and Friday mornings.Starting at 8:15 you can catch all the action on our radio station, AM 1240 and our website.