Shooting Victim Critical

by Kelly Mills on April 22, 2010 at 8:13 am

A Zanesville man is in critical condition at Grant Medical Center after a drive-by shooting Wednesday night. Now as friends and family are holding out hope, authorities are on the search for the person who shot 27-year-old Dajuan McKenzie.

"We was laying in bed and I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop and we got up and come to the door and looked down there and seen that young fella laying down there in the street," says George Newman, neighbor.

Around 11:30 Wednesday night in the intersection of Luck Avenue and Ohio Street McKenzie was lying, with multiple gun shot wounds. His family was less than a block away when it happened.

"I was right down the street and then we heard the ambulance and we figured out that gun shots went off down here, so I got a phone call and they told me it was my brother laying on the ground," says Rasha Neff, victim’s brother.

The Zanesville Police Department believes he was shot by someone driving a 1984 dark blue Chevy Monte Carlo with custom chrome wheels. Newman, who called 911, said he rushed outside as soon as he heard the shots, but the car was gone.

"It hit the bank, throwed dirt clear up into the driveway right there. So I don’t see how they could get away with that. I figured it throw the bumper back into the tire and lock it, but it didn’t they got away," says Newman.

As of now, authorities say the motive for the shooting may have been a conversation McKenzie had earlier in the night with another individual. His family is hoping someone comes forward with information.

"Somebody need to speak up or something man. For real. It’s crazy, to start the summer off like this," says Neff.

And neighbors say this violence in the close-knit neighborhood, may be the straw.

"We’re getting to close to the action. It’s like the wild wild west around here now, everybody carrying guns," says Newman.

If you have any information on the person who shot Dajuan McKenzie contact the Zanesville Police Department. Family and friends are working on a benefit to help pay for the medical costs and they will be posting information it shortly throughout the neighborhood.