“Slow for the Cone Zone”

by Emily Baird on April 21, 2010 at 6:25 am

Drivers will encounter a lot of construction zones this spring and summer, especially after ODOT announced its plan to work on two billion dollars in projects a couple of weeks ago.

Because there were five thousand accidents in these areas last year alone, with 18 hundred of those involving injuries and 13 drivers killed, ODOT is asking people to "slow for the cone zone."

"Put my foot on the brake. Slow down a little bit. Relax. Try to stay in the proper lane that you are being pushed into with the cone and with the barrels. There are construction workers out there trying to get their jobs done so you can have a better roadway to travel on, " says ODOT spokeswoman Kate Stickle.

It has teamed up with local law enforcement agencies to help get this message across.

"At every project, we don’t have the opportunity to have a law enforcement officer in the area to be there to help slow down that traffic in the work zones, " says Stickle.

Fines are doubled if you are caught speeding in these zones.

To help make drivers aware that construction is going on, ODOT tries to set up signs a few miles back from the site, and it requires workers to wear fluorescent vests while on the job.