Take Your Grandparents to School Day

by Ashley Drane on April 21, 2010 at 12:39 pm

Local students are spending time with their grandparents during class today.

Mid East Career Center invited the students grandparents to join them in class to see what they do everyday . Senior Cheyenne Matz is studying cosmetology and said her grandmother is thrilled to be there.

"She loves what I do and she always wants to be with me she’s a big part of my like and i want her to see what i get to do at school," Matz said.

Cheyenne says her grandmother Barbara Rock gets to go to all her classes and even join them at lunch. Rock said she’s excited to see how Cheyenne performs in her classes.

"I think when you see your grandchildren ad what they accomplished it’s such a special thing i went through it with my children and I"m so proud of my grandchildren," Rock said.