Tigers vs. Whizards Showdown

by Katie Jeffries on April 10, 2010 at 5:57 am

A showdown on the hardwood Saturday afternoon had the crowd cheering, but only one team could walk away as the winner.

WHIZ staff and personalities faced off in a friendly basketball game against the Muskingum County Tigers, hosted by the Muskingum County MR/DD and Starlight Program.

"They get so much joy, they look forward to it each year, they are always around February are asking me ‘are we going to play the Whizards, are you going to get that scheduled?’ So they love  the fact that they are playing celebrities, you know, they just love that and they have a great time," says Sandy Knicely the game organizer.

The tigers began practicing and playing games back in October to get ready for a state tournament and though they took to the court Saturday to win, Knicely says it is more important that the players all have a good time.

"They get self-confidence in themselves that they can do something and they can fun doing something and their families get the joy of watching them do something, so they all have a great time doing it," says Knicely.

Though the Whizards and the Tigers teams showed some fancy footwork out on the floor, the Tigers were victorious with a final score of 64 to 49.