Nichole Hannahs

Village’s Citizens Gather to Clean the Streets

by Nichole Hannahs on April 24, 2010 at 2:42 am

One local village spruces up their streets during a Saturday event.

Young and old walk the streets of New Concord with trashbags in hand picking up liter along the way. Some even cleaned leaves from the city gardens. It’s part of the fifth annual "Let’s Pick it up New Concord" event. This year over 160 people took part.

"It makes you feel good that they have pride in the community and that they want to be part of the community and that they love the community," said New Concord Village Administrator John Huey. "They want to get together with their neighbors and clean the town up for the summer."

Some Muskingum University students took time from their busy schedules to be part of cleaning streets.

"You know you feel more involved in the community," said Freshman Eli Morris. " It’s nice to be part of the community. It’s nice to be more than at a college and be part of the community."

Freshman Erin DeLong added, "I believe that to be good citizens you want to show everyone else and have them look up to you and see gosh your doing a good thing and maybe everyone else will follow that trend and do it too."

At the end of the day all participants dumped their trashbags and gathered for lunch. The "Let’s Pick it Up New Concord Day" is sponsored by the volunteer citizen’s group Renew the Environment New Concord and the Village.