What is The Best Part of Easter?

by Katie Jeffries on April 4, 2010 at 8:11 am

Families across the world woke up Sunday morning to hunt Easter eggs, see what the Easter bunny left children and enjoy a little candy. It is all part of the magic of Easter.

Locally, people say they love the holiday for many different reasons.

"What I love about Easter is that it is in the springtime and it is a sign of renewal. The Earth is coming back to life again and Easter is a celebration of the renewal of Christ raising from the dead and it is just a great time to celebrate your faith," says Don Gergely with the North Terrace Church of Christ.

"Just being with the kids, they love getting the candy obviously," laughs Joshua Martinez, the father of four daughters.

For many children, getting a basket of candy is the best part of the day.

"Cause candy is in the eggs," tells Scarlett Toombs.

"Candy bars!" cheers Gabrielle McNutt.

And for some lucky children, candy is not the only present they received Sunday.

"A big swing set, they wanted one of those big, wooden swing sets and we have four daughters so we have to build a big one," says Martinez.

"Fishing stuff and baseball stuff," says Kimberley Darner, the mother of three boys.

Many parents say seeing the smile on their child’s face outshines anything else they could receive on Easter.