Who is Joseph “Sean” McVey?

by Emily Baird on April 26, 2010 at 8:45 am

A Coshocton County man is causing quite the commotion in North Carolina. Joseph "Sean" McVey was found armed in a North Carolina parking lot yesterday afternoon as Air Force One, that was carrying President Obama, was departing.

McVey was arrested and has since been charged, but some fellow co-workers say they’re shocked about the whole incident.

"He’s kind of a young kid. He’s just kind of a go-getter. His adrenaline gets rolling, and he just kind of wants to go, go, " says Coshocton County REACT President, Tim Wise.

McVey joined the Coshocton County REACT Team back in June of 2008 with dreams of eventually becoming an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper, but McVey’s eagerness and zeal seems to have gotten him in trouble with the law.

"To be honest with you, I really think Sean was probably there to be nosey, thinking if they needed a traffic detail or something, he would be there to help somebody, " says Wise.

It isn’t the first time McVey has been reprimanded. When he was working with react, he was caught speeding several times trying to get to a scene to help local law enforcement and fire departments. It almost caused some accidents. So, McVey was suspended, but Wise says the incidents didn’t make him think differently of McVey.

"I would never consider Sean as a threat. I think he would go across the street to help somebody before he would do this, "says Wise.

Wise says McVey just wants to help, but he can’t explain why McVey was carrying a weapon. In fact, he didn’t even know McVey owned a gun.

"As far as everything that was on his vehicle, all the antennas, all the radios, the lights, and everything, he has that when he was in Coshocton, " says Wise.

Wise says he feels sorry for McVey but he doesn’t want react to get mixed up in this mess.

"I just don’t want people to take this the wrong way and think that this kid did something wrong. (I don’t want him) to give us a black eye for it because I don’t think he was out there acting as REACT. I don’t think he was out there acting as a HAM operator. I think he was out there acting as Sean, " says Wise.

Wise hadn’t been in contact with McVey for a few months. He says McVey recently moved to Athens County to work for his aunt.