Zanesville Students Witness Mock Crash

by Emily Baird on April 27, 2010 at 6:35 am

Zanesville High School Juniors and Seniors are excitedly awaiting this Friday’s prom, but some were taken aback this afternoon after witnessing a mock crash.

Crews responded to a two vehicle injury accident off Blue Avenue this afternoon, across from Zanesville High School. About 500 students witnesses their own classmates covered in blood and hanging out of the cars.

"You may see tears out of some of the kids because when they actually see them use the jaws of life and all the different things they do, " says S.A.D.D. advisor Lark Higginbotham.

The victims were bandaged, put on stretchers, and taken into the back of ambulances. MedFlight was even called in for the seriously injured.

It was a reality check for most students.

"We believe that it’s not going to happen to us. The sad reality is you never know when it’s going to happen and if something could happen, " says principal Mark Ulbrich.

Crews say one of the hardest things about responding to a scene like this is knowing a young life is at stake.

"That’s somebody’s kid. They made a foolish decision, which has huge factors on their outcome as far as longevity and then also on the parents-what they have to overcome, " says Community Ambulance Executive Director, Phil Koster.

Trooper Todd Henry says notifying parents that their child has been in a crash never gets any easier.

"It’s not fun by any means, but they have a right to know-they need to know, " says Henry.

The decisions you make don’t just impact you.

"I don’t think we stop and think about what this does to the rest of the people that care about us, " says Ulbrich.

It’s your parents, your school and your community. They have to life with the decisions you make too.

"Even though we do this during prom season, certainly it’s about talking about the decisions kids make 24/7, " says Ulbrich.

So, organizers are asking that you think twice before you act, and hopefully, it will keep you from making a decision you will later regret.