2 Locks Causing Problems

by Emily Baird on May 23, 2010 at 7:18 am

While most of the historic locks, located along the Muskingum River, are open for the spring and summer months, two remain closed for construction purposes.

Lock number nine in Philo has a retaining wall that collapsed. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was notified of the problem back in February. It has surveyed the site to see how it can be fixed and says it hopes to repair the structure soon.

The other lock that remains closed is Lock number 11, which is south of Dresden. This lock has been closed for about 10 years and is in need of repair. Dillon Region State Parks Manager, Alan Ranck, says that project could cost more than five million dollars to construct a new wall, replace the structure’s doors and to protect the structure from erosion.

The historic lock system was built back in the 1840’s and is considered unique because it is a hand-operated system.