George Hiotis

2 Zanesville Men Arrested In Pennsylvania

by George Hiotis on May 3, 2010 at 4:17 am

Two Zanesville men are in jail on charges they robbed a western Pennsylvania grocery story, after subduing one clerk with a choke hold and tying up that clerk and another one.

 25-year-old Michael Burkhart and 23-year-old Christopher Stone remain in the Westmoreland County Jail.

State Police say they robbed Beatty Market on Route 30 in Unity Township about 1:20 Sunday afternoon.

Police say they forced one store clerk into the bathroom using a choke hold and grabbed a second clerk who arrived to begin his shift.

The suspects allegedly used phone cords to tie up both clerks before stealing about  $1,800.

Police arrested the suspects after finding the first clerk’s stolen vehicle nearby.