Alato Trio Symphony plays for Hopewell Elementary

by Brittany Shannon on May 12, 2010 at 6:36 am

Students were singing along and clapping their hands today at Hopewell Elementary School. They call themselves the Alato Trio and they’re an outreach educational group as well as a performance trio. Music Director of the Southeast Symphony Orchestra and a member of the group, Laura Schumann, says that children need great music.

"To have a bassoon come in for school children and for them to be able to see that up close is just wonderful" says Schumann.

During the assembly, the kids heard all kinds of music from Classical and Romantic, to one of their favorites, the Spongebob theme song.

Schumann says, "Children need this, they need this now probably more than ever."

Other group members include Joyce Alesandrini and Jane Bell. The Alato Trio will be performing at schools all week long.