Asthma Awareness Day

by Ashley Drane on May 27, 2010 at 12:21 pm

A lot of people suffer from asthma, maybe even more than we make think. That’s why two local groups are raising awareness.

As part of Asthma Awareness Day Rambo Memorial Health Center and Shrivers Pharmacy team up to provide the community with free lung and blood pressure tests. They set up a tent outside the Shrivers Pharmacy’s on Brighton Boulevard to pass out free information about asthma. Rambo Memorial Registered Nurse Gloria Brown said people can die from asthma especially if it’s left untreated.

"It affects the body and the lungs in two different ways. There’s inflammation and there’s also the mucus that becomes increased during the asthma attack where people can’t breathe. So it is a cause of death," Brown said.

Brown said sometimes people think they have allergies and sometimes they really do have asthma. She said this is a good way for people to learn about it.

"It’s good opportunity for them to as questions it’s a good opportunity for them to check their lungs if we can’t get a good reading here then they can always go to the clinic it’s free and they don’t have to have an appointment there to do it," Brown said.

Brown said they are there to answer questions.