Avondale Reunion Attracts All Ages

by Brittany Shannon on May 16, 2010 at 7:22 am

Former Avondale youth members got together for their first-ever reunion today.

Avondale is a residential facility that provides a home to children facing difficulties such as abuse, neglect, and abandonment. The center begain in 1911, and today, former members from all generations were invited to the center’s first annual reunion.

Director of Avondale Youth Center, Nate Norris, says, "A lot of people are seeing each other for the first time and now they have some people [that] they can relive some of their childhood memories, they can talk about and a lot of them never knew they could come back and visit so this has given them the opportunity to relive some of their memories and things like that."

One former Avondale youth remembers her stay at the center quite well. 89-year-old Geneva Reed attended Avondale during the 1930’s. She was just seven when she lived there with her brother and sister and says things were a little different back then.

"It’s just so different that I can’t even describe what it was. There was a great big barn down there where they had cows and chickens," says Reed.

The center is operated by Muskingum County Child Services.