Beau Greiner Scholarship Day

by Brittany Shannon on May 15, 2010 at 7:15 am

The Zanesville community gathered today to remember a well-loved teen. A walk, poker run, and benefit at the Zanesville Eagles was held today to raise money for the Beau Greiner Scholarship Fund. Beau Greiner attended Foxfire High School and was killed in a car accident on November 24th of last year. Today was dedicated to honoring him and providing a tribute to his family.

Foxfire employee, Matt Abbott says, "Beau touched not only the students his peers he went to school with, he touched the entire Foxfire staff and family so he was someone that came in with a smile on his face every day he had a lot of friends, he made of lot of impact on a lot of lives."

The money raised will go into the Beau Greiner Scholarship which is given to a graduating senior. Foxfire school nurse, Linda Barker, and 10th grader, Malachi Knott, participated in the walk this morning and say how important this is for them and Foxfire High.

Barker says, "It will be used in a very positive way. Our kids can get the money for school but the extras they can’t afford so it will give them the opportunity."

Knott says, "It’s not as fast-paced. You can actually understand it and the classrooms are smaller so you do get more individual attention. It’s just a great school."

The day was organized by Beau’s family members and members of the school.