Bidding Farewell to ZHS

by Brittany Shannon on May 24, 2010 at 11:27 am

It’s been years since the auditorium at Zanesville High School has been this packed, but the suspense had people filling seats to get a glimpse at what was inside the 58-year-old time capsule.

Pulling items from the capsule, event coordinator, Wayne Carpenter says, "pictures of the construction of the school, I assume."

Old Newspapers, pictures, and even a record was found in the capsule buried in October of 1952. But while many walked into ZHS today, it wasn’t just to see this giant piece of history.

"People have flown in from different states they heard about it on facebook and on the internet and they have just come out in leaps and bounds," says Carpenter.

Representatives from 55 graduating classes attended with displays from their time at ZHS. Bill Factor was a part of the class of 1955, the first class to graduate from the current high school.

"It’s mixed emotions ya know. We relate to being the first class out of here to these walls, but it’s exciting also to look across the way and see the construction of the new," says Factor.

Mayor Butch Zwelling says that August and the new school will begin a new era, "whereas today, Zanesville High School will mark the end of a great era."