“Click It or Ticket” Campaign

by Emily Baird on May 3, 2010 at 6:25 am

You will be hearing more of the phrase "Click It or Ticket" this month.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to make sure people are protecting themselves while driving, but some aren’t heeding the warning.

"A lot of the crashes that we show up to, arrive, and investigate, they’re still not wearing their seatbelts, which could potentially have saved their lives, " says Zanesville Post Commander Lieutenant Steven Rine.

Because it’s the law, troopers will be watching drivers closely for seat belt usage.

"We actually will run a little more strict enforcement on it, but we have zero tolerance as the state patrol. We want you to wear your seat belts, " says Rine.

If you are caught without your seat belt on, you will be ticketed. Fines vary county to county but usually cost anywhere between 50 and 80 dollars.