College Graduates Look for Jobs

by Emily Baird on May 3, 2010 at 6:38 am

Many Ohio students will be graduating from college in the coming weeks. Then comes the task of finding that first job.

While the job market is picking up a little bit, it still may be difficult to land that first position quickly.

The Muskingum County Opportunity Center says students should utilize placement assistance that most colleges offer and attend job fairs, such as the Zane State Job Fair that will take place May 20th from one to four p.m.

Utilizing your contacts is a plus too.

"Don’t take that little time off to go vacationing. Start the job search right away. I think they will be ok. What they have to remember is a lot of time, the first job they take may not be the one-so to speak-that they will be at forever, " says Job Developer, Julie Metzger.

Most first jobs act as stepping stones that allow you to gain valuable experience, but there are some fields that are easier to get into now than others.

"Usually the medical field, anybody that’s coming out and going into something medical. The it field, things like that. Those are very popular, " says Metzger.

Typically, it takes students between three and nine months to land their first job. So Metzger says be patient and your time will come.