Driving Through Flooded Roads is Extremely Dangerous

by Ashley Drane on May 5, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Two Morgan County brothers drowned from driving through high waters.

It happened on Monday when they on their way to go fishing. Now the Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy wants to stress how dangerous driving through even a couple of inches of water can be . He said people don’t understand the power moving water has especially when you come across flooded roads. Three to six inches of swift moving water can actually pick up your car.

"You really don’t know what that depth is you really don’t know what’s created a hazard under the surface of that water moving water," said Lacy.

Lacy said people don’t realize the damage the water can do to the road. When you think it’s just a couple of inches of water it could be a lot more.

"Moving water has the ability to erode blacktop cement whatever and once you get into that situation especially when you get into like 12 inches of water you have situation where the a lot of times the motor will stall out on a vehicle," Lacy said.

Also, if the water gets to the doors he said it’s almost impossible to get out. He said you can break a window and the secret is to break it with a small object. Lacy said if you come across water on a road do not drive through it, turn around don’t drown.