Flags Wave Goodbye to Zane Landing Park

by Brittany Shannon on May 16, 2010 at 7:26 am

After his son’s death on Memorial Day in 2004, Gino Zimmer wanted something that would honor his son and all fallen Ohio soldiers fighting the War on Terror. Now, six years later, flags are waving, and Zimmer says what makes him happy is seeing the impact that this memorial has on others.

"My heart’s healed, mostly from just doing this all the time. But the best enjoyment I get is the communities and how they come together," says Zimmer.

213 flags wave to represent fallen Ohio soldiers. 375 flags are donated. In the final hours before the memorial was taken down, people were still showing up to pay their respects.

"Currently, we have two sons in the military and [are] very much aware of everybody that’s been touched in every way, families, friends, loved ones, by every flag that’s here," says Lea Bentley. Her husband Steven Bentley says, "It’s quite an honor to be here to show our respect to these people who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice."

Zimmer says that approximately 5,000 people came through the Flags of Honor memorial this weekend.

For more information you can visit www.OhioFlagsOfHonor.org.