Gas Prices Down Just Before Holiday Weekend

by Ashley Drane on May 24, 2010 at 2:09 am

The first holiday of the summer season is just about here and that normally means higher gasoline prices. But not this year,at least not yet.

The cost of a gallon of fuel has dropped another 12 cent in the last week thanks to dropping oil prices.

"I think it’s a big break for us because I thought they’d go up and with the oil rig exploding I thought those combinations it would be a bad weekend so we’re very fortunate…a lot of people are probably going to travel this weekend," Rusty Montgomery said.

Ohio gas is 18 cents cheaper than the national average.
One woman from Texas in town visiting family says gas prices were way up when she left a couple weeks ago.

"Gas prices started at about $2.88 when we left home and has gradually gotten less and they are the best they’ve been right now," Diane James said.

James says now that prices are down they are going to enjoy another long weekend. Another man says he’s heading out of town today.

"Since I’m heading to Myrtle Beach right after work it’s going to affect me greatly. I definitely like to save money," Lance Stickrath said.

Ohio’s current average cost of regular gas is $2.61.