Golfing for Scholarships

by Emily Baird on May 3, 2010 at 6:33 am

It costs a lot of money in this day and age to further your education by going to college, and Zane State College wants to help. It held its 24th annual Golf Outing at Eaglesticks this afternoon.

"The golf outing has really helped us raise a big amount of money for scholarships, " says Executive Director of Institutional Advancement of College Foundation, Pamela Jira.

18 teams participated and were able to have lunch, play a round of golf, and even receive some golfing tips from guest Bo Coconis.

The event was expected to raise between six and eight thousand dollars.

"About 84% of our students come to Zane State College with financial need. So, the cost of higher education needs to be in reach of students, and certainly we need to recognize these students who have done well academically, " says Jira.

Jira says helping students pay for higher education has an immediate pay-off and can help students in the long-run so there aren’t as many college loans lingering.