H1N1 to Be Included in Seasonal Flu Vaccine

by Emily Baird on May 17, 2010 at 6:22 am

The H1N1 virus will be included in the 2010/2011 seasonal flu vaccine.

Rambo Memorial Health Center already placed its order for next year’s vaccine back in November. It includes three strains of flu that the health community feels will impact the public most next flu season.

"So this year, you only have one vaccine versus two. The other one is perth and brisbane. Those are the three different types, " says Executive Director, Crystal Bebout.

Bebout says perth is also new to the list.

The reason the H1N1 vaccine wasn’t included in last year’s seasonal flu vaccine is because the vaccine had already been made before the health community knew the H1N1 virus was going to be a problem.

Bebout says it takes a long time to make.

"They use chicken eggs for the process. That’s how they develop the vaccine. So, they start the process and it takes a while for all the eggs to incubate, " says Bebout.

In fact, many health organizations ran out of the seasonal flu vaccine because the factories were forced to stop production and make the H1N1 vaccine.