Helmet Recall Surprises Contractor

by Brittany Shannon on May 17, 2010 at 6:31 am

An Army recall of 44,000 combat helmets last Friday is a result of an investigation into a Hebron, Ohio-based military contractor name Armorsource. Army officials announced today that after re-testing on the helmets, it was found that they would not protect soldiers from a rare but worst-case-scenario. Chief Executive Officer, Larry Dickson says that they are currently trying to figure out what the issue is.

"We were not informed by the Army, we are not informed as of yet exactly what’s going on," says Dickson.

Dickson says their products undergo thorough testing. He says, "Our understanding is that our helmets are the best in the world, best in the industry, and it’s really perplexing how after the government has reviewed the quality procedures, after they’ve reviewed all the test procedures, after they’ve tested them independently accepted the product and paid for it, that they can now come back and say that there’s some issue with it."

Army officials say they don’t know of any injuries related to the helmet recall.