Kids Walk for Charity

by Emily Baird on May 3, 2010 at 6:22 am

About 25 students who take part in the Grover Cleveland Gear-Up Program are walking to raise money.

These 6th and 7th graders spent 45 minutes running, jogging, and walking around the school’s perimeter to help out a charity of their choice.

"Some of them came up to me, and I said what kind of charity do you want? They said cancer. Well, ok that’s not a charity. We have to find one. So, they did Internet research and tried to find different stuff. They looked up where the money went to and found American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and we even have some local ones like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, " says After-School Program Coordinator, Doug Devor.

The students were sponsored by parents, teachers, and school administrators who donated 25 cents to five dollars for each lap that student finished, and they all seemed to be having fun.

"I want them to associate community service with not something that’s mandatory that they have to do as some sort of punishment, " says Devor.

Devor says he wants to teach these students at a young age that giving back to the community is extremely important because they can make a difference in someone else’s life and help someone in need.