Local Class Surveys Downtown

by Ashley Drane on May 6, 2010 at 12:01 pm

A local college is helping bring in business to Downtown Zanesville.

The Zane State marketing class is passing out questionnaires today to all the businesses downtown. Manager of the Zanesville Downtown Association Dana Matz says it is a complete demographic study and it will help the area.

"It will help the existing businesses know more about what goes on in the downtown. We come to work downtown all the time but we truly don’t know how many employees are here, what their income are, male, female, and hours of operation. In turn when we’re recruiting businesses your interested in Downtown Zanesville here’s the information," Matz said.

Matz says they will also be working with ODOT to find out daily traffic counts on the streets and how many people go to church on Sundays, how many people live and work downtown as well. Matz says knowing this information is beneficial to everyone.

" I think it will strengthen the businesses by helping each other if you are located on main street between 5th and 6th you may not truly know what goes on on the southern part of 3rd street or the northern part of 7th street," Matz said.

Matz says it’s important for the marketing class to get hands on experience about how you market business. He says in the long run collecting this information will help local entrepreneurs know more about what goes on downtown. Once the information is compiled it will be available on the chamber’s website.