Muskingum County Engineer Updates

by Emily Baird on May 10, 2010 at 8:56 am

The Muskingum County Engineer’s Office is asking the County Commissioners for funding to help fix its Chandlersville outpost.

ODOT used to lease this building to the engineer’s office so it could have quicker access to the rural areas out that way for local maintenance. The engineer’s office now owns the building, and after a wind storm knocked down most of the front of that facility, it needs some repairing to accommodate the five employees that work there.

"The building wasn’t large enough to put our trucks in. So, we’re going to do some work. Put a roof on the structure. That’ll be so we can keep our equipment under roof and keep it plugged in for wintertime, " says County Engineer, Doug Davis.

Davis says his office also wants to replace some older equipment, but he doesn’t want to increase the debt his office currently has.

"We paid off some equipment, and now we want to refurbish some equipment with the same dollar values of debt, " says Davis.

Davis is asking for help to buy two dump trucks, a crawler excavator, and a grandall excavator that totals more than 800 thousand dollars. The commissioners are asking Davis for quotes from bond council and lending institutions.

Davis is meeting with ODOT as well to talk about the intersection of Northpointe Drive and State Route 146. He says he has received complaints about that intersection and wants to improve rush hour traffic back-up there.