New Fields Allow All to Play

by Audry Kensicki on May 21, 2010 at 5:42 am

Disabled children now have another place to play sports.

The Fieldhouse in Zanesville is taking steps to make its facility handicapped-accessible.

Recently the two fields have been re-surfaced.

"It’s a soft, pliable field surface to use for not only mainstream kids, to use for baseball, soccer, football, deck hockey, but now for children with handicaps and disabilities that need walkers, wheelchairs and that type of apparatus," said Mick Amicone of the Fieldhouse.

Amicone said for children who have never been able to participate in mainstream activities, this is a great opportunity.

"We felt there was a great need with on-going obesity related issues," said Amicone. "We felt there was a need to serve a whole different segment of the population. Not just in Zanesville, because our market is about a 45-50 mile radius. There are a lot of kids that have handicaps and disabilities that need to have the same opportunities."

Amicone said the fields will be up and running as early as September 1.