New Vaccine to Be Offered

by Emily Baird on May 18, 2010 at 6:17 am

The seasonal flu vaccine is administered mostly during the fall and winter months to help people battle the upcoming cold and flu season.

Rambo Memorial Health Center Executive Director, Crystal Bebout, says it’s proven to work most of the time.

"For 86% of healthy adults, it is effective and for those who are immuno-compromised or have chronic medical conditions, it is less effective just because their bodies can’t handle the antibodies or make the antibodies for the flu, " says Bebout.

That’s why a new vaccine is being produced that will target those who are age 65 or older. The FDA already approved the vaccine in December of 2009, but Bebout says there haven’t been many studies on it yet.

"So, at this time, the clinic is holding off to see how those clinical trials come about and see if it is more effective. Probably in the next year, 2011-2012, we will definitely be looking at that hard for purchasing that if it is effective, " says Bebout.

The new vaccine will also cost more. It’s about three times the amount of the regular seasonal flu vaccine.