Pick N Save Helps Operation Feed

by Ashley Drane on May 21, 2010 at 2:27 am

Operation Feed helps 16 food pantries in Muskingum County. Riesbecks Pick’N Save in Zanesville is hosting a special event to help the effort. WHIZ’s Ashley Drane has the story.

Sandy Baughman, who is part of the Muskingum County Hunger Network says without your food donations many wouldn’t eat.

"Without Operation Feed these pantries wouldn’t survive. We do not have enough money or enough food to feed all the people in Muskingum County that are hungry. They’re hungry," Baughman said.

Baughman says May 21st Pick N Save on Howard Street is hosting a Food Parade. People can come in and buy non perishable foods to donate to the food banks. This is the third year the store has helped out.

"They’ve been very generous with us. They furnish all the product for us and its all profit for us," Baughman said.

After the food bought then people drop it off in the donation boxes in the store.

"We’re going to be selling bags of food nonperishable food for 5 dollars," Baughman said.

A five dollar bag of food like this feeds a family of five almost 3 times.

"Just you can go in and just buy a couple cans if you like and all the donations will benefit our pantries in Muskingum County."

Baughman says they will also be selling sandwiches like homemade sloppy joes, hot-dogs, and chips outside the store. 100% of the profit goes to Operation Feed. She says Pick N Save does it to help the community.

"They really do they wanna help the community and they get the word out that they are here to help the community," Baughman said.