Pre-Mature Births on Rise

by Emily Baird on May 2, 2010 at 9:39 am

The number of babies being born pre-maturely is increasing. Those participating in the Muskingum County March of Dimes Walk wants to spread this message.

While pregnancies are an exciting experience for most couples, a pre-mature birth can change all that.

"When you have babies that weigh 2.12 and 3.1, all you think is this wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t what I expected. It has a significant impact on how you feel, raise, and interact with these babies because they’re so small, " says Walk Chairwoman, Melissa Bell.

Bell has twins that were born pre-maturely and remained in the hospital for two months. While she says she was full of worry during that time, those fears are a things of the past now.

"My kids are great. You would never know that they were born so small. They’re first graders at Dresden Elementary. (They’re) doing all sports and doing great in school. So, it was a fantastic outcome for us. So, we’ve been very blesses and lucky, " says Bell.

But not all babies are as lucky as Bell’s. Some pre-mature births cause defects that children live with their entire lives. That’s why money raised by the March of Dimes Walk will go toward research and education about this issue.