Preventing ATV Crashes

by Emily Baird on May 17, 2010 at 6:13 am

Muskingum County sees a lot of all-terrain-vehicle use, especially as the weather gets warmer.

It also means more accidents involving ATV’s. Sheriff Matt Lutz estimates that his office deals with at least one a week. Two crashes happened this weekend on Goosecreek and Adamsville Roads.

"A lot of time, it’s caused by the rider not being as careful as they could be. A lot of time, we have younger adults or kids that are riding the bikes and not as experienced on the bikes. They’re probably acting too crazy, doing things they shouldn’t be doing, and that causes accidents, " says Lutz.

Drivers should also be more prepared to deal with the bumpy and uneven terrain that most ATV’s encounter on private property. These conditions can easily overturn the vehicles and injure those riding.

"It’s common sense to know with nothing around you, if you do hit something, you’re more apt to get hurt. I think that’s why the ATV crashes are magnified, because of that, " says Lutz.

Both drivers were injured this weekend. One was even taken by MedFlight to OSU Medical Center in Columbus.

Lutz says he still wants people to have fun on their ATV’s but be careful and make sure to wear safety gear.