Reenactors Make Some Noise for Soldiers

by Brittany Shannon on May 17, 2010 at 7:55 am

Members of the 346th Psychological Operations Company met for a situational training exercise today.

It was a day of training at the Old Columbia Cement Plant, but it sounded very realistic. In an attempt to prepare soldiers for deployment, members of the 346th Psychological Operations Company went through various situational exercises where they had to act and react to situations they might encounter if deployed.

Commander Mark Mauri says, "We feel that a lot of the training we’re doing out here is going to better prepare them if they actually do face an IED or similar attacks over there."

Throughout the exercises, soldiers are graded on how they handle certain situations. So if they are deployed, they are better-prepared.

"And they’re actually simulating what an IEP blast would sound like and the soldiers would have to react to that" says Mauri.

Civil War re-enactors were there to make some noise,

"We’re making the booms and smoke," says Ermal Shimp, a re-enactor. Bob Daniels, another re-enactor says, "I appreciate them letting us come out here and be able to do this because this is great training for the soldiers and I’ve been in the military myself and it’s important that these guys get out and get some real training."

Great training that Commander Mauri says will provide more success if deployed.