Remembering Wilson Elementary School

by Emily Baird on May 8, 2010 at 8:55 am

The Zanesville Community is bidding farewell to one of its schools, but former students will not soon forget all the memories each one has taken with them from Wilson Elementary School.

"Yes, these walls do talk of all these things and more! Not just of phantom inhabitants, in a fog of fantasy, but of real life…skin and bones…minds, bodies, and spirits. "

That’s an excerpt from a poem written by former student Kay Denbow. She read it at the school’s closing event this afternoon, where other former students also shared their stories.

Wilson Elementary School Principal, Michelle Jordan, says she’s sad to see the school demolished next month.

"My mom was in the first class in 1951, in the new wing, and then I will be the last principal in this building. So, it’s very meaningful to me, " says Jordan.

But the new Zane Grey Elementary School, set to open next fall, will continue to be full of fun memories for the upcoming generations of students.

"The Wilson Eagle will go across and join Zane Grey very easily. It’s the people. It’s not the building. The building was here. It was nice because my whole family came through here, but it’s the people. We have great people at Zanesville City Schools. They will continue the tradition over at Zane Grey, " says former student Chad Jackson.

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